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Chapter 5: The Power Of Friendship

By: Victoria Wong

Was she hearing two different voices of the same people? Was… this all a trick? “HURRY UP PRIANICA, WE ONLY HAVE THIS ONE CHANCE! TAKE IT!” yelled another voice. And so Pria knew what to do, she closed her eyes, and thought of her friends. Her REAL friends. All of the fun memories they had together, even if it was just for a few hours. She was with the people that actually understood her and all of this was just a dream…

“SHE’S BACK!!! WE GOT HER BACK EVERYONE” screamed Hera. Pria was back with her friends in an abandoned mall. Not at all was this Pria ideal bestie reunion area but it was good enough. “Oh my goddess! I'm so happy to see you all again!” responded Pria. “And we're happy that you're back.” said Ayaka, proceeding to hug Pria. “I’m happy that i'm back too, but, can anyone explain WHY i disappeared in the first place?” asked Pria.

“Actually,” butted in Tomo “I was working on figuring out why you went POOF while you were away. And apparently you were put under a spell if that makes sense.” Pria nodded. “The magic works like this, it will possess a body and use emotions at peoples weak points. Depending on the emotion you have, the harder or easier it is to attack you and put you into a mirage.” continued Tomo. “Starting off with being the easiest to attack is Anger since it is a strong emotion and is easy to manipulate.” “Then we have jealousy, as it is close to anger. Next is fear, sadness, disgust, and lastly happiness.”

The group sits there in awe. “How do you know this Tomo?” askes Hera. “Well, I saw that Shenhe snapped her fingers and Pria disappeared right when Pria was in fear that Shenhe might had fallen into the weird hole.” explains Tomo “Then I was reminded of a curse that transfers through mist and goop, it's called the ‘Bloodline’ since it normally passes down through DNA if both parents or even one have the curse. But yet again, the original way that people got the Bloodline was through the mist and goop as I talked about before and I took notice that the same mist and goop was coming out of the hole and Shenhe fell into the hole causing her to become all feisty. Next thing you know she snaps her fingers, Pria is missing and then Shenhe falls onto the floor looking as exhausted as ever.” continued Tomo. “So I took the chance and did a DNA test on her to see if she was now a part of the Bloodline, then it came back as positive so I decided to wrap her up to a pole nearby for our safety.” Finished Tomo.

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