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Chapter 4: All Around Me Are Familiar Faces

By: Victoria Wong

“Wow! This place is so pretty and big!” exclaimed Ayaka.

“Well, duh, it's a MALL, it's SUPPOSED to be BIG.” responded Shenhe.

“Whatever, we're here to enjoy ourselves after all, it's pretty much already been a day.” pointed out Ayaka. And soon enough the light turned into shadows and people in the mall were slowly disappearing, even though none of them were walking out of the mall.

“Oh my god, I'm so full! I seriously can't believe that everything here is all free! Like, look at all this Nijisanji Luxiem merch that I got for FREE.” said Hera.

“Yeah! I love this hoodie so much!” responded Pria. Shenhe, Ayaka, and Tomo were walking behind Hera and Pria talking about a corgi stuffed animal. Everything was going great, until, “Woah!” yelled Shenhe from behind.

Hera and Pria whipped around to see what the commotion was. “Hold on! We got you guys!” screamed Pria. A giant portal type of whirlpool had just formed underneath Tomos, Ayakas, and Shenhe’s feet! “We're trying! Can someone explain what this is first?” asked Tomo. “As if I know! Don’t ask stupid questions like that when you’re about to be eaten by a purple glob of eternity!” snapped Hera.

“Ok, I will geez. Just get us out!” replied Tomo.

“Fine, fine, Pria, on three! One, Two, Three!” instructed Hera.

On the third pull Pria and Hera got Ayaka, Tomo, and “Where's Shenhe?” asked Pria.

“Oh no!” said Ayaka “Did Shenhe fall into the hole?”.

“Oh ho ho, guys! I didn’t fall into the hole, you did!” remarked Shenhe, at least they thought it was her.

SNAP the weird, mysterious, so-called Shenhe snapped her fingers sending Ayaka, Tomo, Hera, and Pria into different rooms.

“Wh-what's going on? Let me out!” asked Pria in her room.

No response. “Hello, is someone there?” followed up Pria.

Empty room. “Excuse me, let me out of here!” repeated Pria. Silence,

silence, silence, BANG.

“What?! Who’s there?!” yelled Pria.

“Haha, oh my! You're so funny Hera!” said a voice.

Huh? Who’s that? Thought Pria.

Pria looked up to see Ayaka, Shenhe, Hera, and Tomo sitting on a hill underneath a cherry blossom tree having a little picnic. A little cute picnic, with tea, cake, ice cream, but without Pria. Pria walked up the hill to the girls chatting and laughing.

“Um, what are you guys doing?” asked Pria. The laughing and talking stopped all at once. Each of the girls simultaneously put down their cups and looked at Pria with a disgusted face.

“What do you think you're doing here you disgusting brat?” snared Hera.

“W-what? I’m your friend!” said Pria.

“Friend? Yeah right, as if we would want to be friends with a snobby person like you!” spitted Ayaka.

“I-I don’t understand… Why are you guys being so mean to me?!” asked Pria.

“Mean? Speak for yourself.” snapped Tomo.


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