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By: Jessie Sha

“Hello, this is Miranda Hope on The News to update you on what is happening in this city!” “Ugh, it’s the same thing every day. No problems. The worst thing they’ve ever announced is the smallest fire in the world.” I left the television on while walking to my writer's desk and flicking on the lamp on my desk. “Where is that naughty notebook of mine?” I rummaged through the notebooks, clearing the desk and making mountains of paper around my desk. Suddenly, Something flashed past my window.

“Breaking News City of Woodlight, it appears that a magical creature with horns and wings has struck us and is destroying everything! Everyone please stay inside for your safety.” Then, the power went out, leaving me in a dark room with paper everywhere. “Magical creature, horns and wings, my missing notebook. No no, it couldn't be, that’s not possible. There’s no way my magical creature came to life and is destroying everything. But everything adds up.” Quickly, I locked all the doors, windows, and closed the curtains. “Wait a minute, if the Lanira came to life, then that must mean Calista did too. Lanira must be looking for me since I created her.” Suddenly, there was knocking at my door, making the hair on the back on my neck stand up straight. “Don’t answer, don’t answer. It’s probably Lanira.”

“Hello? Anyone home?” A sweet charming voice said, knocking at the door again. “That wasn't the voice of Lanira. That’s exactly how I wrote the voice of Calista.” Even so, I wasn’t sure, so I looked through the peephole.

“Calista, is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me. Can you let me in? We need to talk.” I opened the door, shocked to find her taller than me by a lot. Calista had chosen her casual outfit of a leather jacket, boots, and pants specially designed for fighting. Calista walked in and closed the door immediately. Weirdly, she didn’t use her powers to help her. “Must be to not get caught by humans.”

“So, do we need to talk about Lanira?”

“Hmm? Oh, no, I have that under control, what we need to talk about is power.”


“Yes, power.”

“Ok?” I asked, my face scrunching up.

“As you know, Lanira is free, and since that’s the case, I need more powers to lock her back into the book.”

“Right, and how am I supposed to do that when Lanira has the book?”

“I got it back.” Caslista said, but this time it wasn’t her sweet voice, but the haunting voice of Lanira.

“L-L-Lanira.” I stuttered, just now remembering I gave her the power to shapeshift.

“Yes, you figured it out.”

“Now, you will do as I say, otherwise, you know what’s going to happen.”

“Fine, what do you want?”

“I already said, I want power, so I will give you the notebook but no funny business like crossing my name out.”

“Fine, what powers do you want? You already have the ability to shapeshift.”

“I want the ability to change powers.”

“Ok, change abilities.” I said, opening the notebook and crossed out shapeshifting switching it with the ability to change powers.

“Is that it?”

“No, I want you to get rid of Calista. Just cross her name out.”

“Fine.” I said, crossing her name out, but just before she snatched it away, I wrote Calista on the last page and ripped out the rest.

“What are you doing! That isn’t part of our agreement!”

“Well, we never had one.” Just then, the door fell down and Calista flew in kicking Lanira to the floor. I tossed the book to her, as Calista held Lanira down, tapping the book on her body. Lanira howled and disappeared.

“Thank you, but now, you must go as well.” I tapped Calista and she shimmered away into the book. I felt tears well up into my eyes as my creations were lost forever.

The name of the news station is called The News.

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