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Changing Rose

By: Yiran Liu

The rainforest housed many fairies who are blessed with special powers. Lily was a unique fairy who was given the responsibility to provide other fairies with good dreams after a day of hard work. Lily had a kind heart and was willing to help anyone in need of help to the best of her ability, unlike her friend. Her friend, Rose, was in charge of wealth, but she was very greedy and used it to her benefit.

One day, Lily witnessed Rose bullying a poor child because he did not have any money to pay for food. Because of her kind nature, she rushed to stop Rose. She did not like her friend being mean to others, so she thought of a way to try to stop her. She talked to Rose and told her to change herself but she did not listen because Rose thought that she was better than others.

An idea popped up into Lily’s head. She decided to use her magic to create a nightmare for Rose to learn a lesson. She carefully planned out the dream so that she would not make a mistake. She gave Rose the nightmare and secretly went into it to see what Rose would do. The nightmare started. Rose was being judged based on her character by a scary-looking person. She was judged to be a mean and cold-hearted fairy. The judge put her in the shoes of the person she bullied before. Rose felt bad for the people who were unjustly bullied. She decided to change her actions.

The next day, Rose donated money to house the poor. She became more caring as time passed and recognized the importance of helping others. In the end, Rose recognized the importance of helping others. Lily saw this and was proud of her friend because she was able to help her friend become a better person.

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