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Champion Runner Sydney McLaughlin Beats Her World Record Again

By: William Tian

On Friday night, on June 22nd, hurdle runner Sydney McLaughlin beats her own world record in the world championships. This was her fourth world record in two years!

22 year old Sydney McLaughlin broke her previous 400m, 10 hurdle record she set a month ago by 0.73 seconds. She came in first place, leaving Femke Bol from the Netherlands in second place, and Dalilah Muhammad from the US in third place.

Sydney was born on Augest 7th, 1999. She has two brothers, Ryan and Taylor, and one sister, Morgan. In 2016, Sydney became the youngest U.S. Olympian to compete in track and field since 1972. She set a junior Olympic record in 2016 on the 400-meter hurdle event in the U.S. Olympic Team Trial.

McLaughlin compares herself with older, already star-studded athletes like Muhammad to encourage herself to work harder. Muhammad defeated McLaughlin in 2019, but sice then McLaughlin has won every event she has competed in. Femke Bol. McLaughlin’s other major competiton is from Amersfoort, Netherlands. She made her Olympic debut in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Delilah Muhammad is from Queens, NY. She won the 2007 IAAF World Youth Title and graduated high school in 2008. She has participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

McLaughlin broke Muhammad’s record in 2021, at the Tokyo Olympic Games trials. A few weeks later, she beat the record again, and won a gold medal. She lowered the world record again at the U.S. championships, with a time of 51.41. On Wednesday, she broke the world record from three years ago, and on Friday she beat her world record for the 4th time.


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