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CERN Tries Using “God Particles” To Find What Dark Matter Really Is

By: Derick Zhang

A couple of years ago scientists used the world’s largest particle collider discovered the Higgs boson particle a. k. a. the “God particle.” Now scientists from CERN use this machine again to try to find out what really is dark matter and if it’s really what we think it is. The machine is called the Large Hadron Collider. The Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest particle collider located near the French-Swiss border and Geneva, this collider is used to find the “God particle” and scientists are going to use it again to make another great discovery.

This is important news because nobody has actually seen or created dark matter before, “If we can figure out the properties of dark matter, we learn what our galaxy is made of,” said Joshua Ruderman, an assistant professor of physics at New York University. “It would be transformative.” This particle is incredibly has fascinated physicists for centuries and this may be the best chance we have to actually understand it. To do this though they have to use the Collider. How the machine work is really quite self-explanatory. Scientists take 2 particles and have them go nearly the speed of light and collide; the hope is that if the pair the right particles it will resemble a particle with roughly the same attributes of dark matter.

Though is sounds quite straight forward this project could take years and never succeed.

CERN says this may take more than 4 years costing us millions even billions of dollars and a possibility that it never even finishes. Is it still worth to unravel the mysteries of thing things beyond our planet? May this dark matter just simply kill us all? And if we succeed, what will we do with it?

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