CDC Calls for Schools to Reopen

By: Hannah Sang

Dear Editor,

The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, the top public health agency in the United States, has published a statement supporting the reopening of schools. Although there are benefits to this, many possible issues may arise from reopening schools.

Reopening public and private schools around the nation allow students to improve their education for their future, but during the coronavirus pandemic, this can cause many potential health issues to arise. Most research says that children are less likely to become very ill or die, but transmission and infection rates are unknown. Children with older grandparents in their house are at even higher risk because older people are known to die more easily if the virus transmits to them.

According to a poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 60% of parents would rather wait for schools to start in-person classes later on. 76% of parents of color also want their children to stay home instead of going to school in-person, compared to 51% of white parents. 9 in 10 parents were worried or somewhat worried about their child getting infected by the coronavirus over the summer.

Ironically, the nation’s top public health agency wishes for students to return to school while risking infection. Instead, students should stay at home and learn from online classes if possible, and the government should make good decisions regarding the nation’s future and health at the same time. School districts can work harder to make online learning just as effective as in-person learning.

Hannah Sang



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