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Caves and Secrets

By: Zerlina Tang

A dark cave

Seeping out dark red malice

Suddenly, a small warm firelight

Lights up the icy darkness

A princess and her loyal knight

A shining ancient sword on the knight’s back

As he defends the princess from the Evil that lurk

They journey deeper into the cave

As they reach a withering corpse

Red hair

Hollow eyes

With a blue-green binding spiritual hand on its chest

With a scream from the body

The malice swirls

And darkens

As the ground cracks

And the princess falls into the dark abyss

That lies within the holes

The hero, unable to save the princess

He tries to reach for her desperately

Too late

As he contacts with malice

That burns his arm

The spiritual arm morphs into the knight’s

In a distant land, the knight awakes from his temporary slumber

And unknown voice calls out


The princess Zelda

Is once again in danger.”

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