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Catching Santa

By: Iris Xu

It was the day before Christmas - Christmas Eve. My sister and I had a pretty normal day: wake-up, homework, a 10-minute break, class, homework, more class, violin, and then the end of the day. Something that absolutely no one else does for winter break. The only thing I had been looking forward to was during the night. While it was getting dark, my sister and I brushed our teeth, washed our faces, changed into our pajamas, and winked at each other. After we got into our separate Jack-and-Jill rooms, I changed my alarm to wake me up at 11:57 P.M....

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

I woke up, forgetting why I had changed the time of the alarm to wake me up this early… A few seconds later, I remembered. I quickly got out of bed, put on my fluffy white slippers, and went to my sister’s room through the bathroom.

“Hey! Viv! ” I whispered.

“I’m coming! ” my sister, Vivian, murmured, rubbing her eyes.

She got out of bed and put on her slippers like I had. She went underneath her bed and got out a long rope.

We crept downstairs into the living room where our main chimney is. We hid under a table, the chairs obscuring us, and waited...

5 seconds… 10 seconds… 20 seconds… 1 minute…


We stifled a scream.

“Shoot! I’ll wake everyone up!” said a man’s deep, rich voice. Out of the chimney, my sister and I saw a large man wearing red and white comfy clothes. He had a long, poofy, white beard and a Christmas hat on his head with hair sticking out under it. He carried a gigantic sack… Santa! We looked at each other, excited.

“Mmm! These cookies are good!” said Santa, “The best thing about being me!” He savored them.

Finishing the cookies we had baked a few hours ago, he opened his immensely large sack and brought out the presents one by one… When he was done, there were about 14 different shapes and sizes of presents, all wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper. Santa picked up one present at a time and placed them neatly under our Christmas tree.

When he had put 5 presents underneath the tree, my sister muttered, “Iris, it’s time!” I quickly got out from under the table and pushed it like a bull against the chimney with a loud BANG.

“AHH!” Santa screamed in surprise.

He looked in bewilderment at me, then at my sister, back at me, and finally to the blocked chimney.

“Hello Iris and Vivian,” Santa said coolly as if nothing had happened.

“Hi!!!!” Viv squealed.

“Oh my god! We just caught Santa!!” I squeaked.

“Sooo… What’s this ambush about, exactly?”

“We wanted to prove to everyone that you’re real!” Viv and I said in perfect unison.

Santa chuckled his deep laugh.

“Quick, grab the camera!” I announced to Viv. She ran to the Closet of Random Things and got out our camera. My sister ran back to us and we huddled around Santa.

“Selfie time! Say ‘Cheese’!”


“Okay, bye-bye Santa! Thanks for cooperating!” I said, business-like.

“Merry Christmas!” Santa replied with a wink.

We pushed the table away from the chimney, allowing Santa to leave. Vivian put the camera back into the Closet of Random Things as I watched Santa scramble out through the chimney. We stumbled upstairs, drunk-like from our giggles.

“That was fun!” Viv said.

“Yep! We should do this next year, too!” I agreed.

We silently crawled back into our beds, thinking about the next day.

“Mom! Dad! Look at who we saw last night!” Viv called, as we scrambled downstairs the next morning.

“Who?” Mom asked.

“Look!” I said excitedly.

Vivian showed our parents the picture, as I looked at their expressions. They looked… Confused.

“You saw each other last night? Um. Okay,” Dad said.

“Do you not see him? Santa!” I took back the picture, preparing to point at the spot between my sister and me. I looked at the picture and… It was nothing. Air. Just my sister and I, looking like our arms were around a non-existing person. Viv and I looked at each other, both thinking the same thing.

Santa and his magic. We smiled. Picture or no picture, we would always cherish this memory and our adventure of capturing Santa.

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