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Cat Fail

By: Roya Li

A fictional, a thumb

cat models, some

discarded plaything, something

brought in from outside:

his white fur was stiff and gray,

separate at the seams.

I study the muzzle

rotten rubber, an ear

eaten, his sour body

lumpy like a bean bag

Leaking out thinly

transforms into a cold towel. Yeah

and watch the light

It is demeaning in his eyes.

he tried and failed

climbed into his chair, escaped

in the corner of the kitchen,

Intimidated, transfigured, no longer

anything like a cat,

new look

in those eyes

people who refuse to meet me

It's an "existential disgrace"

Discover. only.

that's all

lose face

His face, I saw,

Has become human.

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