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Cartoonist Tries Pestering Putin

By: Roman Chen

If you don’t know, the Russian president Putin has tried taking over their neighboring country, Ukraine. He still believes that the place belongs to the Soviet Union that existed back in the Cold War. In his words, he wants to make “Russia great again”.

As you might have suspected, the Ukrainians didn’t approve of this idea. It further worsened the plot when Russian tanks rolled into the eastern part of the country. In response, the Ukrainian soldiers fought back with war missiles.

President Putin doesn’t take too kindly when people disagree with him, so he is currently bombing Ukraine in hopes of flattening their country. But the Ukrainians bravely fight on.

Mr. Putin also takes offense at foreigners who oppose him. This week, he specifically targets the Australians. They have supplied food and weapons to the Ukrainians while also imposing financial penalties on Russia.

In response, Putin has established a list of Australians who have been banned from entering his kingdom: politicians, journalists, businesspeople, and dignitaries have all been denied access to Russia.

However, cartoonists weren’t on the list. Even after all the cheap jokes and memes about him, he failed to see cartoonists added to the list. So, cartoonist Mark Knight decided to take this into his own hands and make a cartoon about Putin right away.

One of his favorite images of Putin is him sitting at his huge dining table that’s about 100 meters long, in his grand ballroom. He is usually talking to someone on the other end of the table.

Mark Knight thought it would be a great visual gag to have Putin’s list of banned Aussies rolled over the entire length of the table. He sketched him sitting in a large, fancy chair getting ready to sign the proclamation. But Mark still had to make a statement about the lack of cartoonists on the list.

So, he drew Putin’s personal assistant on the other end of the table asking if he wanted to add the cartoonist who drew the very cartoon.

That simple detail gives the cartoon a new dimension. It makes the cartoon go “live”. Would Vladimir Putin add Mark Knight to the list based on the scene he is depicted in? Because he is put in a scene that makes him look like a despotic ruler, he might not even get the joke, and instead will boost his ego.

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