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Cartoonist Mark Night Wants to Know How to Mock Putin

By: Max Cao

As you probably know, Russian President Vladimir Putin has attacked its next-door country, Ukraine. He wants to make “Russia great again.” Sound familiar?

To summarize the Ukrainian situation, Ukrainians didn’t exactly like it when Russian armies started storming Eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainians threw grenades and missiles at the attacking Russians, instead of roses and lilies, which were probably what Russians expected. In response, Putin started a bombing campaign in attempt to teach Ukraine a lesson about attacking his precious Russian army.

Around the world, people of every occupation protested. Mr. Putin doesn’t exactly tolerate people who oppose his invasion, especially the Aussies. He made a list of 122 people that were banned from entering his “great kingdom” on June 16. All kinds of Australians were listed; politicians, journalists, and, dignitaries. The banned people most likely weren’t that worried that they made Putin angry. In fact, many might be proud that he noticed them standing up for the UK. Besides, let’s be honest, those on the list probably didn’t have Russia on their “top vacation spots” lists.

Surprisingly enough, despite cartoonists around the world putting in hard work to draw pictures of Putin riding teddy bears shirtless and crack jokes about his stature, he didn’t add any cartoonists to his list! Cartoonist Mark Night had to draw a cartoon about it!

One of Night’s favorite photographs of Putin is him sitting at a dining table that’s about 100 meters long, with huge marble columns and statues, velvet curtains, so on and so forth. Night thought it would be fun idea to mock Putin by having all the 122 people on Putin’s banned list lying on this dining table. Night drew Putin as a small man sitting in a large golden chair, ready to sign a proclamation. Night also added Putin’s personal assistant at the other end of the table, asking if Putin was sure he did not want to add the cartoonist who drew that very picture him to his list.

There was one little problem, though. Night was afraid that Putin’s brain wasn’t big enough to understand the mockery in the picture. After all, he is in nice surroundings, and signing a proclamation does mean you are an important person! For God’s sake, Night might even get an Order of Lenin!

Link: Cartoonist Mark Knight wants to know what he has to do to pester Putin _ KidsNews.pdf

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