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Carlos Sainz Wins After Zhou Guanyu Crashes on British Grand Prix

By: Ray Wu

During the British Grand Prix, Zhou Guanyu crashed and ended up cramped between the fence and the barrier. He got medical attention at the scene and was taken to a hospital immediately.

“I’m OK, all clear. Halo saved me today. Thanks to everyone who sent kind messages.” He said on Twitter. Halo is Carlos Sainz, one of the racers. He was the winner.

George Russel’s Mercedes hit Zhou Guanyu’s car. Pierre Gasly bumped him after losing control of his car.r. This crash was more of a chain reaction than Guanyu just getting out of control. Zhou Guanyu says that his car was made of titanium. He thinks that this is the reason he survived. The good news is that there was a fence to protect the fans.

In this exact racing match, Lewis Hamilton was battling for victory, but he finished third. Leclerc finished fourth, and Ferrari lost his chance of winning the Grand Prix. Red Bull’s driver finished seventh.

The race was delayed an hour because of a huge pile in the first corner. This took environmental protestors’ attention to the Grand Prix.

Guanyu then was revealed uninjured after the accident.

The final laps were very tense. The race didn’t end how it felt like it would. Hamilton was charging towards the finish line on the final laps. Sainz didn’t accept Ferrari’s request to give Leclerc as much space as possible. Ferrari also chose to leave Leclerc out. Red Bull was damaged from the collision with Leclerc. Things started to heat up towards the end.

Sainz lost his lead because of the crash involving Zhou. He had been lagging from the beginning of the race but then caught up.

Then, Sainz won the Grand Prix. Despite the accident, we should still celebrate Sainz’s victory.

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