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Capitol Siege Avoided that Jan. 6 Committee's Scorn, Not For long with FBI Failures Before

By: Jessie Sha

The Capitol was faced with carnage law enforcement which was avoided. However, evidence was presented by the House of Representatives’, Jan. 6 which showed that the Capitol doesn’t devote much time to law enforcement, which would fail to predict if they could prevent the attack.

Someone who has worked for both the FBI and the Jan. 6 committee has a story to show the challenges. When the detective needed to send a large file to the Jan. 6 committee, the detective would use Dropbox. As for the FBI, the detective would have to manually hand it to them. The Jan. 6 committee is investigating the lack of response that the FBI, a supposedly high-level threat detector, before and during the Jan. 6 attack on the capitol. The committee’s main focus is Donald Trump, but they wanted to point out this mistake because it is important that the FBI watches for these kinds of threats. Due to the late reveal, the committee's public look in June and July are mainly following Trump.

Lately in a review, Bill Fulton, an author and politician, told them that the detectives face many challenges trying to prevent extreme attacks. He also commented that detectives take late steps to improve open-source intelligence, which also reminds everyone that the First Amendment rights are protected. Now, the department inspector says that the review “remains ongoing.”

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