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Canada wins Gold in 400x10 meter race

By: Connie Cao

Following the 400x10 meter event that took place on Saturday evening at the World Atheltics championship, Canada took first place with 37.48 seconds, the United States took third at 37.55 seconds, and Britain came in third with 37.83 seconds.

Most of the race went without a hitch, until the U.S. made a slight error when one runner had trouble handing the anchor to his partner. According to The New York Times, this wasted vital time, allowing Canada to exploit this mistake and win the gold medal. Andre De Grande, who raised his hands as he crossed the finish line, claimed victory in the race.

According to The New York Times, four of the top ten fastest runners in the world this year participated in the event despite the absence of meter world champion Fred Curley because of an injury. This mistake enhanced their chances of taking first place.

Many supporters were surprised by this victory. U.S. women who competed in the 100-meter race for women last year achieved relative success. According to The New York Times, Melissa Jefferson, Abby Steiner, Jenna Prandini, and Twanisha Terry led the U.S. team.

The U.S. was competing against Jamaica at the time and was on the verge of losing the gold medal when Jamaica made a terrible initial handoff that allowed the U.S. to profit.

As a conclusion, Twanisha Terry gave his thoughts on this mistake that led to his win, explaining that although Jamaica has the top quickest runners, but if there’s no communication then there is a more unlikely chance of victory.

"You may have the four quickest women, but what good is that if there's no chemistry and the baton doesn't pass through the exchange zone?" Terry uttered.

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