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Canada’s Wildfires Have Gotten Bad

By: Amanda Li

Canada's wildfires have burned 25 million acres of land. These wildfires started in March 2023 and intensified because of the lighting and greenhouse chemicals in June.。Canada‘s wildfires are caused by greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide driving changes to the climate, causing warmer than normal ground and ponds, changing precipitation patterns, and increasing wildfires.

The forest fires that started in Quebec were caused by lighting. Half of Canada’s wildfires are caused by lighting. The humongous fires forced 120,000 people to run from their homes. Firefighting sources have been used until there are barely any left. “High temperatures in the spring helped the fire to get off to an intense start,” the New York Times stated. By early June this year, we have burnt more forests to crisp than we usually do in an entire season. The weather conditions are another reason why the wildfires are burning. Hot, dry, and windy conditions result in immense wildfires. This fire season is the worst we’ve seen. Imagine the wildfires this year and last year on a chart; all the fires from last year go up, and then flat. These fires just keep skyrocketing!

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