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Canada Is Razed by Fire, No One Has Paid More Than Indigenous People

By: Tristan Chow

Many people have been wondering about the effect of the Wildfires in Canada, but what about its effect on others? In early July, vicious wildfires fueled by dry conditions in northern Quebec found its way attacking large swaths of spruce forest, destroying cabins and tourist camps. This not only had a major effect on the environment but also put many people in harm. It also cut off transportation to remote Indigenous communities over the region, a 370-mile highway with little or no cell reception. This put the lives of the Indigenous people in harm even though they didn’t cause the monstrosity.

Before people were issued to evacuate people who tried to leave encountered flames and smoke throughout the entire day. “I honestly wasn’t sure we’d make it out,” said Joshua Iserhoff, this shows how scary the situation truly was for someone who was there experiencing it first hand. Not only was there fire, but there were also extremely powerful winds. People who tried to drive away faced their car nearly being held by the wind, calling the drive a “traumatic experience.

Since May, hundreds of wildfires across Canada have burned more than 47,000 square miles of forest, causing over 25,000 Indigenous residents from British Columbia to Nova Scotia to lose their own homes. This shows the big problem that people who weren’t even involved were getting harmed. Imagine you wake up one day seeing nothing but smoke, and being told that you had to flee. It would be scary and make you feel worried. Well, that's how the Indigenous residents felt.

Even if you don’t live in Canada, you probably have seen the smoke from Canada make its way to where you live. I know that I did because a few or two ago my community's sky was yellow and had no visible clouds. Many people are becoming more aware of these safety hazards and staying away from places around Canada. People are also becoming more aware and ready for fires, so they will be able to stop them before they get too dangerous.

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