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Canada Is Ravaged by Fire. No One Has Paid More Dearly Than Indigenous People.

By: Ashley Ding

Since May, Wildfire has been spreading along Canada’s west coast and is still spreading. The fires are in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwestern Territories in western Canada; as well as in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. The indigenous people, the Cree Nation, have been driven out of their houses and neighborhoods by the fire and forced to move five times. Many people evacuated, but not all were successful.

Joshua Iserhoff, 45, of the Cree Nation, said, “It wasn't sure we’d make it out.”

Iserhoffclaimed the drive was traumatic and he had to turn back with his family.

The fires have already burned through 47,000 miles of forest and have caused 25,000 people to evacuate. No one has died because of the fires yet, but the fires still caused a lot of inconveniences.

The indigenous people, in their new homes, are out of place. They rarely have enough food and fear that wildfires will reach them. Many of the older people are not healthy, and a man with lung cancer said he inhaled too much smoke and had to go to the hospital.

The fires have bothered many people and still are.

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