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Can Security Systems Save Americans from Danger?

By: Ray Wu

Although the U.S. may sound like a safe place to live, it ranks 128th out of the 163 countries surveyed by the Global Peace Index. The U.S. has a very high rate of gun violence, and there are about 9 guns per 10 residents.

There has been rising mistrust among Americans, and many have been turning to security systems to help protect them. Tony Thurman, CEO of Shield Security Systems of Kansas City says that business has increased in recent years, and that “some people put in the minimal system” but that others “put in Fort Knox” (The Washington Post).

Almost everyone appears to be more paranoid these days, which helps Thurman’s company succeed. He owns a small business, and it seems as if the stars aligned perfectly; he can use this opportunity to sell his products.

“I’m still paranoid, and I live in this overdone gated community, maybe one of the safest places ever,” says a golfer named Dan O’Dell. He explains that he still doesn’t feel safe, even though he trusts his community (The Washington Post).

Nationwide surveys have revealed that the overall crime rate is rising in the United States, despite it decreasing in certain US geographies. In the last three years, reported cases of safety issues have been much lower. On April 13, an 84-year-old man shot a teenager in the head and arm after he rang the wrong doorbell. “People with their fingers already on the trigger,” says Thurman (The Washington Post).

Thurman drove to a Kansas City suburb, where 45-year-old Kelli Cox lives. The increase in suburbia’s demand for safety measures shows that parents have become a lot more protective about their children because of rising crime rates. She also believes safety has now become a bigger problem, so she decided to invite Thurman to install security upgrades. Kelli has recently been worried mostly about her daughter. She had a dance competition in Florida, and when Kelli started to hear rumors about human trafficking in Orlando targeting children, she “didn’t let her [daughter] out of [her] sight.”

With rising safety concerns, some people bring their guns everywhere, even if they are just going to the gas station. Many are also worried about what might happen to them and their relatives, while also pondering about how they can help. This issue is now tearing happiness to paranoia, leaving a trail of damage.

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