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Can Cricket still be played even with the effects of climate change?

By: Steven Hu

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. However, due to the heat waves, which have been occurring around the world. The sport is becoming extremely dangerous for participants. Many sports can be played indoors such as tennis, and basketball. Sadly, Cricket needs an outdoor field. In 2018, there was a climate change report that said, hyperlink “ cricket will be hardest hit by climate change.”

Cricket is mainly popularized in the West Indies, where the heat is more intense than ever. In order to keep cool in these dreadful conditions, cricket players often wear ice vests. Akeal Hosein,29, Cricket player from the west indies said hyperlink “It honestly felt like you were opening an oven.”

Unfortunately, unlike baseball, cricket cannot be played in the rain because slippery fields create trouble for players. The apparel in Cricket makes the heat even worse. They have to wear helmets, long pants, and pads. Matches can be played for up to 5 days, and most of them run 7 hours long. In 2019, a report showed hyperlink that the average Cricket player uses as much energy as a person who runs a marathon.

Fans and players have been complaining hyperlink to the International Cricket Council. They asked to wear shorts, but long pants are needed to slide from base to base. Some parts of the world offer additional water breaks for the players, but most of the places still stick to traditional rules. Fans sometimes don’t even wear shirts to attend the game.

A star for the International England team, Ben Stokes retired, because the excessive heat took away the energy he needed to play the game. The teams have tried many ideas to preserve the players energy, even using umbrellas! Many Cricket players have fainted mid-match.

Pat Cummins an Australian Cricket player said, Hyper link “Global warming is already wreaking havoc on our sport.”

Hopefully, global warming can be controlled. As humans make a stronger effort to preserve the Earth.

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