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Can a Plant Eat a Human?

By: Angela Chen

Although plants can't eat humans, some carnivorous plants can eat insects and small mammals. Even though plants can't eat humans in the real world, they sure can in movies, games, and TV shows.

A human-eating plant from the TV show of Little Shop of Horrors

Although plants could never eat humans in real life, let's find out how they would, if they could. First, we would definitely need to enlarge a carnivorous plant like a Venus Flytrap(2) or a Pitcher(1).

Imagine we enlarged the plants, normal carnivorous plants already take TONS of energy to create enough enzymes to digest an insect or a small mammal. I can't imagine how much energy it would take for one plant to digest a human.(If it could eat one)

If we tested these carnivorous plants on humans. Although it would work, the people would fall inside the pitcher and would get stuck in the Venus flytrap. They would be way too easy to get out of for a human. Any bigger mammals could get out of them with ease.

This is a Sundew plant

An enlarged Sundew plant is a more realistic way of catching and eating humans, only because it catches you with the sticky substance that it produces and captures you. With this method, it is harder to get out and the more you squirm the more you will get stuck.

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