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Camp Fire

By: Vilma Sun

Judy and her family went to a camp. Her dad drove for almost 3 hours to get his family to the camping place. They arrived! Judy was so happy; she was also really excited to start the camp fire. Time passed by, it was camp fire time!

Judy’s dad said he was going to teach Judy how to start and keep a campfire. First you must find a place that doesn’t have dry leaves around. Because if you start a fire there you might make the whole forest catch on fire. And then you have to find skinny wood and dry leaves; it’s easier to catch on fire. One way to test if the wood is dry or not is to try to bend it and if it snaps it’s dry. If it doesn’t, it’s not dry. After you think you have collected enough wood and leaves, put them together. And light it on fire.

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