California Fire Burns a Tremendous Amount of Land

By Warren Feng

Recently, California has had 4 million acres burned because of its deadly fires, almost 20 times as large as New York City. This is a milestone that has never been passed before.

There have been many fires burning down the state of California. According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, there have been thousands of buildings crushed with several fatalities. All this damage has spread across the Golden State, for 4 million acres. 

Among the fires include the Zogg, Glass, and the August Complex fires. The Zogg fire has covered 56,305 acres, the Glass fire covers 63,885, and the August Complex fire covers 985,304 acres, raging as the largest in the state. Things like warm, dry weather cause big problems, as they grow the fires larger. Over 15,000 firefighters have to battle these major fires, to protect our state from this threat. 



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