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Buzz Aldrin sold his space suit to Sotheby’s

By: Allen Zhu

On July 26, famous former astronaut Buzz Aldrin sold his beloved space suit through Sotheby’s, an auction house.

Buzz Aldrin was one of the few astronauts to make it to the moon, and was the second person ever to step foot there, after Neil Armstrong. The space suit Aldrin sold was only the clothing he wore during the flight to the moon, and not the space suit he wore on the moon.

“I wore this in-flight coverall jacket … in the command module Columbia, on our historic journey to the moon and back home again during the Apollo 11 mission,” Aldrin said.

The real space suit Aldrin wore is in the National Air and Space Museum, located in Washington, D.C. Armstrong's space suit is also in the Museum.

When Aldrin auctioned the suit, he got 10 bidders. A private bidder bought the Jacket for 8.2 million dollars. It’s sad to see the Jacket go, as it was an important part of Aldrin’s journey through space.


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