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Buying buns

By: Frank Hu

One day, I was walking on the street.

Looking left at the pork, right at the beef.

I shook my head; I don’t like meat.

I only wanted buns to eat.

Then I spotted a shop with a guy.

A goofy looking guy.

He shouted: Everything you need!

Hi man, want any?

We have some good stuff.

And I would like money to swap.

Here, we have fine dices.

I’ll offer you a fine price.

And I have gear for Phys ‘ed.

I’d rather have blowguns, I said.

Have any buns?

Sorry, but we have guns.

But I can tell you were for buns.

He pointed to the west.

And said, on west street, Bun’s buns are the best.

I walked here and saw a lady,

With a weird eye that looked dizzy.

She said, “I know you came for buns.”

Before I could know, she passed by the buns.

And walked swiftly out of sight.

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