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Butterflies Tails May Serve as an Escape Tactic

By: Austin Fang

Scientists have been studying butterflies, and more specifically, their tails. Butterflies have tails at the end of their wings that they use as a distraction. According to the article,’’Tail-like extensions may be more than just stylish.” Birds like to attack on the eye spots on the butterfly, and so with the tail, they are more attracted to them.

Birds will be more attracted to the tails instead of the more fragile parts, and when the birds bite the tails, the butterflies will still have a chance to escape. To find out if this was true, scientists found real wings from France and put them on cardboard boxes, and the birds responded accordingly. They also found that the tails look a lot like the lizards.

Butterflies are attacked by birds every year, but luckily, they have tails that could save them. Butterflies with the tail, might have a bigger chance to escape the attack.

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