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Bunny’s Quest for Knowledge

By: April Yan

One day, little Bunny asked his friend, The Wise Owl, “How are you so wise?”

In reply, Owl smiled, cocking his head, said, “Well, that’s all because of knowledge. If you know, you will be very brilliant.”

“Where is knowledge? How can I find it?” asked curious Bunny.

“I don’t know,” Owl admitted, “you will need to search for it far and wide, and it will take a long time.”

Bunny, desperate to become as wise as Owl, immediately searched for it. Owl came with him as a guide.

Up and down, left, and right. They went around the whole forest looking for knowledge. On the way, Owl showed Bunny all the fascinating animals and insects that, too, roamed in the woods. Bunny saw black beetles, bees, boars, and vipers. So many things met the little rabbit's little eyes, that he wished he had eyes as big as Owl’s to see them all.

At night came, Owl taught Bunny how to make a campfire, and roast marshmallows, while telling ghost stories that made his fur shiver. Then singing joyful little songs, both got ready to go to bed as they watched the stars twinkle like diamonds in the sky. Soon both went to sleep, dreaming about the adventures they would have.

The next following day, they woke up early, and began on their journey. As they were walking, Bunny suddenly tripped and fell, and the compass in his hand broke into little pieces. Bunny started to cry, thinking that they would get lost, but Owl consoled him, while he pointed to the sun, saying, “Don’t cry, we won’t get lost. The sun will lead the way, for, in the morning, the sun is in the east, and in the afternoon, the sun is in the west. It will show us the right way.”

Bunny, comforted by this, smiled, and continued their journey. They traveled to Egypt, where they rode camels in the safari desert, and to Wales, where they saw beautiful blue whales. They went fishing on boats, and Bunny, learned to plant rice, and make rice patties.

Finally, after traveling the world for three years, they once again saw their beloved home. Owl happily cheered, but Bunny was sad.

“After all these years of searching for knowledge, I still haven’t found it. What shall I do?”

Owl, who thought for a sec, said, “But don’t you see, you did find knowledge. You were learning many skills, like fishing, riding elephants, and training monkeys, all this time. All of that is some knowledge.”

“Really?” asked Bunny, perking up.

“Really,” asserted Owl.

Bunny, excited to speak, bounced to his mother, screaming, “Mother, oh mother, I've finally found knowledge.” Nobody was happier than Bunny at that instant.

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