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Buffalo Bills Offensive Lineman Injured in Car Crash

By: Weston Ma

Coach Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills announced Sunday that Rodger Saffold would be on the non-playing injured list after he cracked his ribs in a car crash. The 34-year-old offensive lineman is supposed to be the team’s starting left guard once he is fit to play.

“It's tough for him to sleep. Anybody that's ever cracked some ribs can probably speak to that. He's sore. Fortunately, you know, that's all it was. Any time you get a car wreck, those can be life-threatening. But we're glad that's the worst it is." Said the general manager, Brandon Beane. The chance of someone dying in a car crash is around 1/101. Saffold, fortunately, was not that 1/101.

Another team member, Cornerback Tre White, is also on the no-play list because he tore an ACL on thanksgiving. An ACL injury also called an anterior cruciate ligament injury, is when a tissue that connects the thigh bone and the shinbone receives a sudden twist. Tre is "dying to get back out there,” said Bean. Some others on the list include Defensive lineman Eli Ankou with an injury to his calf and offensive lineman Ike Boettger with an injury to his Achilles.

Safety Jordan Poyer, who is 31 years old, was present in the offseason even though he was asking for a contract extension.

“I'm just really excited to be here with my teammates and to see the guys again and to start this journey and try to get better every single day," said Poyer. We all hope Tre White and Rodger Saffold will get better fast, hopefully ahead of schedule, so they can get back out there and play.

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