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Broadway Plans to Create a Musical Based on Frida Kahlo’s Life

By: Andrew Cheng

On Thursday, July 27th, Broadway announced that Kahlo’s life story would be made into a live-action musical. Frida Kahlo is famously known as a Mexican painter who has been subjected to much attention in movies, immersive experiences, T-shirts, and tote bags.

The musical production is expected to be released in 2024 and open on Broadway. It will follow Kahlo’s life in many different cities, such as Mexico City, Paris, and New York, and back to the famous “Blue House,” where she was born and died in 1954.

Although most of the information has already been said about Kahlo, the creator of the musical product said that they want to show Kahlo’s life from a new perspective, which includes some of the detail and personal stories of the beloved artist, which had not been told in public before. The musical product will also be based on the book “Intimate Frida” by Kahlo’s niece Isolda P. Kahlo and conversations with Kahlo’s family in Mexico.

“In all the stories I heard when I was a little child, our family remembered Aunt Frida as a very joyful woman,” said Mara Romeo Kahlo, universal heiress to the Frida Kahlo legacy, in a statement to The Washington Post.

The art historian of the musical product said that they wanted to focus on her suffering, physical and emotional. “We really want to see Frida through a wider perspective,” said Lozano in a phone interview,” said the creator who tries to make the musical product to be more vivid and imagery.

A Broadway musical of Kahlo is a formidable way to honor this artist as well as help the public to remember her legacy.


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