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Brazilian Women’s soccer team Marta has an emotional goodbye to the world cup

By: Ashley Ding

Marta Vieira da Silva’s first world cup was when she was 17. Now, at 37, she’s playing in her sixth and last World Cup. The Brazilian team was eliminated early into the World Cup. This loss completely ruined the team’s hope of winning the world cup for Marta.

But, this was officially the end of Marta’s Soccer career in the World Cup. She currently holds the highest scoring points for women’s and men’s soccer and 17 points. She also has two Olympic silver medals.

Marta said that even in her worst nightmares, she had not dreamed of a world cup like this.

"But it's just the beginning," Vieira da Silvasaid. "I'm done here, but they're still here. I want people in Brazil to continue to have the same enthusiasm they had when the World Cup started. To continue to support. Because things don't happen overnight."

Although she’s no longer playing in the world cup, she is playing for Orlando Pride in the NWSL.

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