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Brazil Crashes Out of Group Stage in Women’s World Cup, Marta Gives Emotional Farewell

By: Chris Cheng

One of the best soccer players, Marta, delivered a farewell to the 2023 Women’s World Cup on Wednesday, August 2 in Melbourne, Australia after a shocking draw to Jamaica, who would continue into the knockout stage,

The Brazilian superstar played her first world cup at 17. Now, her sixth and final World Cup ends her reign after scoring zero goals.

With the 0-0 draw against Jamaica on August 2, Brazil bowed out of the group stage, making it their earliest elimination since 1995.

Marta holds the record for highest number of goals across both men or women’s World Cups, with 17. She also has two Olympic silvers and is a six-time FIFA’s World Player of the year.

After the game Marta made an emotional farewell with a speech.

“I’m very happy with all that has been happening in women’s football in Brazil and in the world. Keep supporting,” she said, tears glazing her eyes. “Because for them, it’s just the beginning. For me, it’s the end of the line now.”

But Marta hasn’t ended club soccer just yet. She still plays for Orlando Pride in NWSL. She is still considering her legacy she brought upon women’s soccer.

"Today we have our own references," she said, adding she is often stopped on the streets by parents who say their daughters want to be just like Marta. "This wouldn't have happened if we had stopped in the first obstacles that we faced. ... And it didn't start just with me, but with a lot of the women back then."

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