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Brad Pitt is Truly One of the Greatest Actors of All Time

By: Catherine Wang

Brad Pitt’s first ever appearance was in the controversial and popular movie “Thelma and Louise” (1991). He played one of Thelma’s many love interests, as a handsome boy who caught Thelma’s eye. Even though this was a pretty small role, and he never showed up again after being caught by the police, it still made many viewers look at him closely and wonder, Who is that guy?

After the success of his role in “Thelma and Louise”, Pitt’s career started to grow. Scoring an important role in “A River Runs Through It” (1992), he gained more fans and admirers every single day.

However, it wasn’t just what he portrayed on screen that made him so popular, it was also his personal life and especially his love life. One of his most famous lovers was Angelina Jolie. Their relationship caused all their fans to go wild and even earned them the couple name “Brangelina”.

His fanbase was always something very important to his career. Without them, he would never have been able to become this famous. His fans loved him for his looks, talent, acting skills, and especially his humor.

For example, in his latest film Bullet Train, he plays the silly hitman named “Ladybug”. In this film he was effortlessly able to show how humorous he could be. Even better, it didn’t sound like he was just saying what the script said; he pulled it off like this was just the jokes he can make. Once his fans found out he had talent, looks, and a great personality, this only skyrocketed his career even more.

Now Brad Pitt is officially 59 years old and still acting to this day. He is coming out with a new movie soon, so stay tuned!

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