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Brad Pitt Increases His Hollywood Fame With “Bullet Train”

By: Michael Chang

In the United States of America, “Bullet Train,” starring actor Brad Pitt, premiered in theaters on August 5, 2022. The 58-year-old actor added to his impressive resume and his massive following with this popular action-comedy.

Pitt became one of the most famous actors in the past few decades due to his ability to successfully act in numerous movie genres and roles, his deadpan humor, and his unique fashion choices.

In 1995, Pitt acted as a psychiatric hospital patient in the time-traveling film “12 Monkeys.” Four years later, Pitt was a pummeled alter ego in the movie “Fight Club.” In the 2008 comedy “Burn After Reading,” Pitt played an average gym trainer who routinely cracked jokes.

Pitt continued his world-renowned acting career as a lieutenant of a Jewish-American military force in the 2009 Holocaust movie “Inglourious Basterds” and as a struggling baseball manager in the 2011 sports film “Moneyball.” Additionally, in 2012, just like he was in “Bullet Train,” Pitt was a hitman in “Killing Them Softly.”

The 2019 comedic drama “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood” featured Pitt as a stuntman with his notorious dry humor. In the same year, Pitt won an Oscar for his performance in the blockbuster film.

Not only has Pitt had a diverse list of acting experiences, but he was also iconic for his deadpan comedy that created some hilarious scenes. For instance, in “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood,” co-actor Mike Moh tells Pitt’s character, “You know, you're kind of pretty for a stuntman.” While smirking slightly, Pitt answers, “That's what they tell me.”

Regarding the use of dry humor in “Bullet Train,” Pitt remarked in an interview with ET Canada, “Yet underneath it is the theme of fate, free will, the undercurrent of the film, through this delivery system of comedy.” Pitt’s words from this interview showed his goal of conveying the theme of fate and free will through comedic action when he acted out the film’s scenes.

Pitt’s unique fashion choices have also molded him into a world-class actor. While receiving awards and attending premieres, Pitt has dressed in visually appealing and attention-grabbing outfits. For instance, he showed up at the “Bullet Train” premiere in Berlin with a linen skirt suit and arrived at the Los Angeles premiere of the recently released film in a neon-green one.

As Pitt continues his legendary acting career, he will continue to utilize his well-rounded skill set, humor, and fashion sense to star in more Hollywood blockbusters.


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