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Brad Pitt announced Movie Star for 21st century after New Movie Gets Top Hit

By: Connie Cao

Brad Pitt incorporated originality and humor into his most recent movie, which helped him stand out in Hollywood. Viewers are curious about his past and how he progressed from being a hot young man to a well-known star of the twenty-first century.

In Thelma and Louise, Brad made his debut as a hot boy toy. When compared to the main character, his function was insignificant. Even viewers pondered, "Who is he?" They thought he was not necessary for the play.

Being married to Jennifer Aniston allowed Brad to be elevated to a greater level. He worked his body into the pictures harder than ever, something many other actors could never do. Brad was finally able to start working toward becoming a movie star after thirty years of labor.

Pitt stars as the zany Ladybug in his newest film, "Bullet Train," which is titled after the movie's covert name. Pitt calmly refers to a scene where Japanese assassins attempt to take a briefcase full of cash on a train as "unnecessary." Pitt says after a brutal fight, "Let this be a lesson on the toxicity of anger."

The dry humor that Brad brings to every role he plays is one of his talents. In contrast to an intimidating smile, Brad's smile is more of a sly smirk. Brad portrays an accented Navy scalper in the film "Inglorious Bastards." The humour he adds is difficult for many actors to achieve in a movie about life and death.

In "Bullet Train," spectators see Brad as an unassuming character wearing a ridiculous hat and geeky spectacles, demonstrating his unattractive appearance. He also employed this tactic in many of his previous films. In a different movie, “Lost City,” a girl named Sandra was abducted and taken to an island. He was taken aback by her initial few remarks, but he made it work with a funny joke.

"Why are you so handsome?" she enquires. Pitt replies indifferently, "My dad was a weatherman," which might be the movie's funniest line.

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