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Boris Johnson Defends the Plan to Monitor Refugees

By: Jingwei Zhao

Refugees from all around the world are traveling to Britain for a safe haven and new home. However, the government stated that some methods of traveling to Britain are considered “unnecessary” and “dangerous.” To solve that issue, refugees are being electronically tagged with a GPS so the authorities can monitor them. Even though this plan is hated by many refugee rights organizations, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is here to back it up.

He’s stating that people from other countries can appear to be a citizen of Britain so they can go unnoticed. By enforcing the plan, none of those people will be able to simply blend in with the others. This is infuriating to the refugees since they are being treated terribly due to it, despite already being victims of prosecution and war. In fact, 130 people have already been electronically tagged and some are put on curfew or unable to go to specific locations.

Enver Solomon, the chief of a refugee rights organization stated that “This draconian and punitive approach not only shows no compassion for vulnerable people, it will also do nothing to deter those who are desperately seeking safety in the U.K.” The guidelines are written so that refugees need to be tagged if they are not accepted by Britain’s Home Office. This is considered “outrageous” to the refugees as it means that they are monitored 24/7, even in privacy or in bed. Britain claims that they are trying to reduce the number of tagged refugees but when it is necessary, they must put the tag and monitor them until they are freed.

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