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Bombing At A Political Rally Has Killed At Least 35 People In Pakistan

By: Giovanni Ngai

On July 30, 2023, a bomb exploded at a rally in Khar, Pakistan. This tragic incident occurred because the Pakistani military carried out massive operations to eliminate militancy in the tribal regions of the country. The rally in Khar was held by Rehman, who was considered to have pro-taliban affiliations, and the Islamics are anti-taliban. The Taliban are a group of people that are slowly gaining control of the Afghan government. They do not have a good relationship with the Islamic State. This tense relationship led to a bombing that also came with a hefty death toll.

The bombing of the rally killed a surprising number of people. The police first reported that there were 10 killed. Then government administrator Mohibullah Khan Yousufzai stated that the death toll had risen to 35 and the number of wounded was well over 100. People were urgently rushed to medical facilities, and most of them ended up at the government’s main hospital. Some of the more wounded were airlifted to the provincial capital, Peshawar, for better medical care. Not only did this bombing kill many people, but it also affected their families’ lives.

What would your life be like if you just experienced being bombed but survived? "There was dust and smoke around, and I was under some injured people from where I could hardly stand up, only to see chaos and some scattered limbs," described Adam Khan (WUSF public media). This same trauma is what more than 100 victims are currently experiencing. Feeling the bombing is very painful, but knowing how it happened is even worse. According to WUSF public media, the bombing was a suicide bombing. A suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest close to the stage where several party leaders were sitting. Imagine being wounded and having wounded people on top of you, and when looking around, you see someone’s limbs lying around. How scary would that be?

People in Khar have experienced the reality and aftereffects of a bombing, and it is not good. 35 people died, and maybe even more. This is maybe a reminder that we should be grateful that we are in a safe place where no one is trying to bomb other people.


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