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Bobby Miller faces a massive blow from the heart-wrenching loss against the Giants.

By: Connie Cao

On Saturday at Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers faced a stunning 15-0 loss against the Giants. This loss for Bobby Miller and his teammates marked a crash back to reality.

Bobby Miller is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He can throw pitches with a hard slider in the upper 80s and offer a fringy but useful curveball. He was drafted 29th overall by the Dodgers.

At the start of the game, however, Miller felt better than ever. Miller looked like a young star on the field, taking the first round with 16-inning streaks.

“I felt like I was moving quickly,” Miller said. “Felt like I was getting very efficient.”

Things started to take a nasty turn when Miller made a bad throw. Miller said he was angry for making the throw, but when the throw was done, he couldn’t stop it.

Miller hung a first-pitch curveball to LaMonte Wade Jr., serving up a three-run blast almost 400 feet. This caused his team to lose points.

During the game, Miller let up seven runs in 5 ⅔ innings. This game was unlike any other game. Miller couldn’t overpower the hitters or fool the Giants with his breaking pitches. Nothing was going as planned.

Things worsened for the Dodgers as the audience of 51, 385 booed at them as the game slowly neared the end.

"There are things that we have to do better when things aren't going well," manager Dave Roberts said. "Little things, the execution parts of things."

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