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Bobby and His Computer

By: Chloe Sun

Bobby has a computer, he loves his computer, but there’s just a minor issue, he has no idea how to use a computer — he only knows the basics. For example, Bobby knows how to turn on his computer, and that’s it.

Now Bobby is tackling a hard question: how do you set a password on a computer? Of course, Bobby reads the screen, it says “what is your name?” Bobby puts in his name Bobby Bob, then he creates a password and puts in a combination. Now he is ready to go, but he has no idea what to do. He presses a green and red button; it opens a curious page that has a big logo saying “Google.” And there is a grey bar saying “search.” Bobby is confused so he taps on it with his mouse, and he writes, “how to use a computer.” Then he hits the “return” key, and he sees a page full of words. Bobby does not like reading, so he immediately presses the little X in the corner. Magically the tab disappears.

In this article about Bob, he has learned how to use Google, in the next article Bob is going to learn how to use You- you’ll find out.

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