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Boat fire kills two and injures three on long beach

By: Claire Zhou

Tragedy struck on Saturday as a fire engulfed a 35-foot power boat, claiming two lives and leaving three individuals injured.

The victims of this devastating incident were two women in their 60s who tragically lost their lives. Additionally, two men and one woman sustained burn-related injuries and were rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

Emergency responders received an alert about the fire at approximately 5:17 p.m. Swiftly, fire engines and marine rescue boats were dispatched to the scene to combat the flames and assist those affected. The precise cause of this fiery outbreak remains shrouded in mystery, prompting an ongoing investigation to uncover the source.

The inferno generated massive billows of thick, black smoke, which traveled across vast distances, casting a somber shadow over the area.

An eyewitness, Daniel Quinn, recounted hearing an ear-splitting explosion that promptly drew his attention. As he turned his gaze outside, a colossal plume of black smoke hung heavily in the air, serving as an ominous reminder of the unfolding tragedy.

Remarkably, no firefighters suffered injuries while battling the blaze. Nonetheless, the department is poised to extend mental health services if any responder requires support in processing the emotional toll of this tragic event.

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