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Boat Fire Kills Two and Injures Three in Long Beach

By: Ingrid Chen

In a devastating tragedy, a boat fire off the coast of Long Beach, California claimed two lives and injured three others. The incident has shocked the local community and beyond. Authorities are actively investigating the cause of the incident and offering assistance to the victims and their families during this trying time.

After receiving distress calls from witnesses and nearby vessels, emergency responders were quickly rushed to the area. One of the witnesses, Chris Berry, said, “I was enjoying the park and then I heard this massive explosion… You know it was a very powerful one because you could feel the vibration. Then I just saw billowing smoke. There were people floating in the water but they had debris that they were able to hold onto.” Despite the valiant attempts of the response team, the flames quickly engulfed the boat, causing catastrophic damage.

“Initial reports indicated they were in the process of doing some type of refueling operation or had just completed a fueling operation,” Long Beach Fire Department Captain Jake Heflin said

Tragically, two people were killed in the fire. Their identities have not yet been disclosed. In addition, three additional passengers on board were injured and transferred to the hospital for treatment. Medical personnel are attentively monitoring the severity of their injuries and current status.

Local law enforcement, fire departments, and Coast Guard units worked together to extinguish the fire and keep everyone safe. Their quick responsiveness and professionalism in this devastating tragedy most likely saved more lives.

Authorities are focusing their investigations on finding the cause of the fire and confirming that all relevant safety precautions were in place aboard the boat. The incident serves as a melancholy reminder of the risks associated with maritime activity and the need for following safety regulations.

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