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Boat fire kills two and injures three in Long Beach

By: Candace Lu

On Saturday, two people were killed and three others were injured due to a fire on a 35-foot power boat, according to the Long Beach Fire Department. The flames happened near a fueling dock in Alamitos Bay. Bystanders close by were trying to extinguish the fire and rescue workers were informed that the pleasure craft in the 200 block of Marina Drive was fueling at the time, but the exact cause of the fire is still unknown.

The firefighters managed to quench large portions of the fire with water cannons and called county firefighters to support and ensure that the blaze did not spread to other boats. The fire created an amount of black smoke that was seen for miles as firefighters battled the flames from the ground and the water. Rescue workers proceed to move the boat to an isolation dock. However, water started to enter the boat and ended up partly submerged. Now, a private salvage company has been sent to remove the boat from the water. No firefighters were injured, but they will have access to mental health services in order to process any trauma.

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