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Boat fire kills two and injures three in Long Beach

By: Kaitlyn Zhou

A tragic incident unfolded near a fueling dock in Alamitos Bay, specifically within the 200 block of Marina Drive. The Long Beach Fire Department has confirmed the devastating loss of two women in their 60s due to a fire that erupted on a 35-foot boat situated in Long Beach. Additionally, the inferno left two men and one woman severely injured, grappling with deep burns and wounds.

Long Beach Fire Capt. Jake Heflin conveyed that the injured individuals were promptly transported to hospitals for medical attention. The explosion generated a colossal plume of smoke, visible from considerable distances. Daniel Quinn, a host at the nearby Crab Pot restaurant, recounted hearing a resounding blast from the outside. He recollected, "There was a big bang and I looked up, and there was this ginormous plume of black smoke."

Firefighters, equipped with water cannons, effectively managed to quell a significant portion of the flames. Heflin commended their efforts, stating that bystanders also joined the endeavor to douse the fire. Witnesses reported that the pleasure craft was during refueling when the blaze erupted. Nonetheless, the precise cause of the fire remains subject to an ongoing investigation.

Heflin asserted that none of the firefighters sustained injuries during the response. The department has extended the offer of mental health services, recognizing the potential need for trauma processing following the intense and fiery incident.

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