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Bluey Hits With Touching Cricket Episode

By: Aerilyn Wahng

Bluey is an Australian kid's cartoon that features a dog family and their troubles. This dog family includes Bandit (the dad) Chilli (the mom), and Bluey and Bingo (the children). “Cricket,” the final episode of season three, recently took its audience on an emotional journey.

In the episode, at a birthday party, Bandit remembers a cricket game. Bluey asks him if they could play another game, but Bandit thinks that cricket is more fun. When Bluey disagrees strongly, her dad tells her that cricket means more than “just hitting a ball on the grass.”

This episode made many people cry, whether they were kids or even adults.

Australian cricketer Ed Cowan says he “was left bawling [his] eyes out,” and that “if you don’t have a tear in your eye at the end of the episode, I don’t even know if you’re human.”



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