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By: Jin Huang

If you have young kids at home, you might be waiting for the new season of Bluey, an Australian cartoon about a family of talking dogs named the Heelers. The secret behind Bluey’s success, as it won an International Emmy, might be its blend of parental humor, preschool silliness and deep humanity.

Compared to similar cartoons like Peppa Pig and Family Guy, Bluey is suitable to a larger range of audiences. Peppa Pig may seem too childish to older kids and parents, while some contents in Family Guy might be inappropriate to small children.

The situations in each roughly 10-minute episode of Bluey are simple: the excitement of keeping a balloon in the air, the fun of putting on a show or a tuckered-out child on a family walk. Sixyear-old Bluey and her little sister Bingo have rock star parents in Bandit and Chili Heeler.

According to Elizabeth Blair, NPR reporter, “They're resourceful, especially when they're tired.

In a past season, when Bluey asks if they can play a game, Bandit responds, ‘As long as it's one where I don't have to move any part of my body or say anything with my mouth.’”

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