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Blue shot me a venomous glare.

By: Zoe Hu

Chapter 5

“Oh, and Lavender just to answer your question, I am here because after you let me get kidnapped I tried to get back to you. I escaped from my captors and ended up here,” she snarked.

Suddenly a burst of fury ignited inside me. “Get a fact through your head, will you?! You think that I would abandon you? That mother would abandon you? How are you so stupid?!” I shrieked.

Blue froze suddenly.

Then she hissed “then why didn't mother tell me that I would get a new home? Why you and not me? While we’re on that topic, why did you always get extra food? Why did mother always keep you so close to her, but never cared what I did? What’s the difference between you and me?”

“WHY ARE YOU SPECIAL AND I”M NOT?!” she screamed.

And finally, after all this time, the pieces finally clicked into place.

Mother had always let me have more food, kept me closer to her, and spent extra time with me. Blue had always acted like she didn’t care, that she loved me and mother and she was happy that I got attention.

Misery swamped over me as I remembered how I had once seen Blue watching me with tears in her eyes, as Mother told her to go and play, and that I needed to eat before she could.

I had always thought that Mother had treated Blue the same when I wasn't watching. But apparently she hadn't. And Blue blamed me for it.

“Blue… I’m sorry. I never realized how much it hurt you when Mother ignored you. I never knew,” I whispered.

I watch as the snarl on Blue’s face turns into a soft smile.

And exactly at that moment, the big dog from before crashes right into me, bowling me over. “GET AWAY FROM MY SISTER!” Blue shrieks.

And with that, she attacks.

Hissing, she leaps at the big dog, who has by now pinned me down and was probably preparing to kill me. Blue quickly ducks under the dog and snaps her jaws around its back leg. The other dog howls in pain and shakes his leg, but Blue clung on.

At last the dog shakes Blue off, and she smashes into the brick wall. “Had enough?” the other dog growled.

“Never.” Blue flung herself onto the dog’s back and bit down hard into one of his ears. Blood smeared her snout and she swung her teeth flashing to attack again.

Blood was now dripping down the other dog's face.

“Blue! Stop it!”

Blue stared at me like I had gone crazy. “Why? He was going to kill us!”

But slowly she let the other dog get up.

“Get out,” she snarled, showing her teeth. The dog glared at her, then wheeled around and ran.

“Thank you Blue.” I sat down and stared at Blue.

She slowly walked towards me and murmured, “I’m sorry too Lavender. But you are my sister and I will always take care of you.”

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