Blu's Diary Entry

By Jeddy Yu

Blu’s Diary Entry

December 10, 1999

Dear “Friend”,

Don’t mind the capitalization, sometimes i get confused. Hi, i’m a mouse and i’m named Blu, my owners name is Mr. Yu. He’s a strange fellow with his weird lookin’ crooken cane. He’s sometimes rude like just today he jeered at me ‘cause i wore a beard, yeah of course fake. After that i felt kind of sad so i ran away and hid in his loo, when he found me i was covered in poo. He made me take a bath which i hated just as much as walking on hard paths and learning math. When i got all cleaned up i ran away again because he made my hair look so darn messy, just like a tangled ball of yarn. He found me again and gave me food. i like crackers and hiding in shoes. i was so tired i wanted to sleep, so Mr. Yu put me in my shoe and i…


Your good friend Blu

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