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Blind Dog Found in Alaska

By: Roman Chen

On June 18, an Alaskan family lost their precious dog, Lulu, three weeks ago. They had given up all hopes of finding her, especially because of how blind and elderly she was. The golden retriever was eventually found by a group of construction workers not far from her home, who initially thought she was a bear.

When Lulu was found on Tuesday, she was clinging onto life by a thread. She is currently being nursed back to life and is with her family.

“She means everything,” owner Ted Kubacki said. “I have five daughters, and they’re 4 to 13 years old, so they’ve spent every day of their life with that dog.” The family was searching for weeks after Lulu wandered off on June 18.

“She’s just so helpless, and you kind of imagined that she can’t get real far because she can’t see,” he said.

A few days into the search, someone even made a terrible joke when they claimed to have found Lulu. “We put the kids to bed and got a text saying, ‘We found your dog,’ or ‘I have your dog,’ and we’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is incredible,’” he said. “Then the person texted me, ‘Just kidding.’ This happened, yeah, that was all part of this terrible story.”

Eventually, a construction crew spotted Lulu laying on the side of the road a few blocks from her home. She was approximately 15 feet down an embankment. “They got a closer look and they realized that it was a dog, and they got her out of there,” says Kubacki.

When Lulu was found, all the sadness turned around. Family members embraced the joy of having their dog back. “I called my wife from work and it was just screaming... She just starts yelling, then she yells to the kids. And I just hear them screaming like crazy,” Kubacki said.

However, Lulu was in a bad state. The 80-pound dog lost 20 pounds of weight, and she was dehydrated. On top of all that, her fur was dirty and matted. “I just expected to come back and be like ‘Hey, here’s my dog.’ She’s going to jump up and wag her tail and kiss my face, and she couldn’t even pick up her head,” Kubacki said. “She’d been through the wringer.”

With enough medical care, food, and rest, Lulu’s condition has remarkably improved. “Slowly but surely she started eating and she was kind of able to pick her head up,” Kubacki said. “But then yesterday, she propped herself up on her front paws by herself, like nestled into me and gave me a kiss and wagged her tail and it was just so great.”

Lulu’s health isn’t the only worry, however. Kubacki is also worried about the medical bills. As the sole contributor to the family of seven’s money and working as a grocery store employee, he was afraid there was no way they could pay off the medical bill. Those fears were cured as residents of Sitka donated hundreds of dollars to cover the bills.

And with Lulu now being able to stand, the Alaska family “[has their] family member home”.

What a wholesome story! This article was well-written, with nearly no grammar mistakes. Make sure you include all the pertinent details right off the bat, then get into the quotes and current condition of the dog, etc. Include quotes and sentences on the same idea in the same paragraph. Good job! This was a fun read.

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