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Blind Dog Found After 3 Weeks of Wandering Around Sitka, Alaska

By: Benjamin He

Lulu, a blind, older golden retriever, was lost and wandering around in Alaska for 3 weeks before she was found in a few bushes by a construction crew. At first, the crew thought she was a bear, but then, they found out that it was Lulu.

“They had a closer look and they realized that it was a dog and they got her out of there,” said Ted Kubacki, owner of Lulu.

When they called Kubacki and told him that Lulu was found, he called his wife from work, he’s an employee at a grocery store.

His five daughters, all 4 to13 years old, and his wife, were all very sad, but then Kubacki called with good news.

“I called my wife from work and then it was just screaming. She starts yelling, then she yells to the kids. And I hear them screaming like crazy,” said Kubacki.

Although Lulu was alive, she wasn’t healthy; the 80-pound dog had dropped 23 pounds, she was dehydrated and dirty, and her fur was matted.

“I just expected to come back and be like ‘Hey, here’s my dog.’ She’s going to jump up and wag her tail and kiss my face, and she couldn’t even pick up her head,” Kubacki said. “She’d been through the wringer.”

After medical care, food, water, and rest, Lulu’s condition improved.

“Slowly but surely she started eating and she was kind of able to pick her head up,” Kubacki said. “But then yesterday, she propped herself up on her front paws by herself, like nestled into me and gave me a kiss and wagged her tail and it was just so great.”

A day later, Lulu was able to stand on her own. But then Kubacki worried about the vet bills. Sitka citizens donated money to the Kubacki family to cover Lulu’s vet bill.

“We have our family member home,” said Kubacki.

Source: Blind older dog found in Alaska 3 weeks after wandering off (

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