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Black Luck

By: Andrew Lou

As the sun rises again, the sunlight reveals a harbor concealed in the mountain’s shadows. It sat delicately, with fishers surrounding it as if it was a celebrity with people asking for an autograph.

The harbor reeked of fish, scattered guts, heads with black oozing eyes sat at the beach. Fishermen crowd around the harbor wishing for the luck of being able to catch the most fish at the end of the day so they can beat all their competitors. Nets, fishing rods, and buckets are raised as everyone rushes to their boats, trying to get there before the harbor crowds up. Things are always lost in the process; sometimes, people get poked by fishing rods or tangled up in someone’s net. It is complete chaos.

The fishermen are competitors, but they are still friends, for they share the same hobby and job of, well, fishing. They all lived in Fishers Town. Every month, lines of trucks would come to pick up fish.

Cats and kittens are a common thing to see in Fishers Town. People owned some; some came from the mountains, attracted by the delicious smell of fish. But black cats were especially hated for “bringing bad luck.

It was said that once, a black cat snuck onto a boat of a fisher named Tom. Tom caught nothing that day, but his ship sank after hitting a rock right next to the harbor; Tom had to swim back to shore only to get a leg cramp in the middle and plunged into the sea again. According to legends, Tom was dragged out tangled in a net of his competitor’s and lost his arm in the process. So black cats are deficient in the minds of Fishers Town citizens.

A young angler named Peter is on his first fishing trip. He woke up this morning with a black cat stuck in his trash bin. Oh no, he thought to himself as he carried the cat outside, yet another black cat was waiting for him—two black cats, not one but two.

Just as Peter thinks nothing terrible will happen, his foot got stuck in a can. He tried to get it off, but it wouldn’t budge. Great, he thought, I’m going to become Peter Canfoot the fisher. As he limps towards his boat, he finds a kitten eating fish and another kitten on his ship; he thought he was going crazy for both kittens were black too. He delete becomes scared for his life because, according to Legends, Tom only saw one, but he saw four, so he must be getting bad luck. He decides not to go fishing but just to put the fishing net in the sea while he stays on the sand surrounded by fish corpses.

He found a lot of fish which he set in his bucket. The bucket sat quietly on top of a rock. But Peter found it to his surprise. His fish was gone. Suddenly, a black paw reached out below the rock. Peter quietly picked up the rock and found a nest of 6 kittens. 10 KITTENS! Peter nearly jumped out of his skin. But he always loved animals, so he ignored the legends and brought them home.

Years later, Peter became one of the best anglers in town and legends say that he got luck from his ten kittens.

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