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Biology of a Bok

By: Jackson Liu

Do you know what a Bok is? A Bok is an animal with three legs, one in front, and two in the back. The head of a Bok looks like a shoe with eyes. While their bodies have no hair, their heads can have anywhere from 10 - 1,000,000 hairs. The hairs are made from Keratin, the same material that makes up human fingernails. The hairs are also hollow, which enables the Bok to float on water. The reason for this is unknown, scientists say. But, their theory is that Boks get hot easily, so they hop in rivers to cool down. The skin of a Bok is very unusual. It is made up of some kind of unknown material which is both flexible and very hard, able to effectively block sniper bullets. When scientists studied the skin a bit closer, they found that the atoms making it up were packed extremely close together. This is likely the reason why their skin is so hard. The reason it is so flexible is still a mystery. When scientists took a look inside the Bok’s body, they were amazed. There were four hearts inside the Bok. There were also three brains, one located in each of its three legs.. The Bok also has an amazing ability to be able to jump up to 30 meters high! My favorite thing about the Bok is that it tastes delicious. The meat is tender, and when you add salt, it tastes like heaven.

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